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The essential characteristics of an excellent salesperson such as charm, integrity, self-confidence and empathy remain unchanged. Yet, with ever-changing customer demands, innovative communication channels, and innovative products hitting the market every day, salespeople need to continuously improve their skills and create better sales experiences.

But to make meaningful improvements, they need constructive feedback. Unfortunately, sales leaders devote only 14% of their time to coaching, leaving many growth opportunities untapped.

This is where Zoom IQ for Sales comes in. Our AI-powered conversation intelligence solution, purpose-built for the Zoom platform, provides sales leaders with valuable insights to train their teams, optimize customer experiences, and make informed decisions for future success.

The changing world of sales

The way B2B customers interact with sellers is changing with the advent of new technologies and modes of communication. Reports from Gartner and McKinsey Global Institute suggest that B2B customers spend only 17% of their time with potential suppliers and only 5-6% when considering multiple vendors. Therefore, sellers need to make the most of the time they spend with customers. To accommodate this, two out of three buyers prefer remote human interactions or digital self-service as a method of interacting with sellers.

Evolve your teams with conversation intelligence

A large majority of Chief Sales Officers (CSOs) believe they need to invest in intelligent analytics tools and technology to keep up with these massive changes, with 88% already investing in these tools or planning to invest in them. There are quite a few different types of AI sales solutions on the market today, but only one is capable of delivering insights from the one source that matters most: your customer conversations.

To derive highly relevant and impactful insights from sales conversations, systems like Conversation Intelligence (CI) use AI and machine learning technology to identify trending topics, customer engagement sentiment, and more. A number of benefits can be derived from Conversation Intelligence, including the following:

  • AI-supported coaching: Use AI to identify potential areas of improvement for a sales rep, as well as the common pain points that need to be corrected

  • Better sales process: Identify what messages work best with buyers, what objections they encounter, etc. to develop selling guides for them

  • Improved productivity: Make your workday as efficient as possible by automating time-consuming tasks like taking notes and updating your CRM

  • Informed prognosis: By integrating insights from conversations with other forecasting tools, you can improve your forecasting results, e.g. B. Engagement level, sentiment, next steps, etc.

  • Data-driven onboarding insights: Marketing and sales teams can use data-driven onboarding insights to improve employee training and onboarding by gaining a deeper understanding of how messages and training are being received by employees

Conversational intelligence on the platform you know and love

To help you reach your full potential on Zoom, we have Features” data-issueid=”87adac06-d081-48e5-b7ed-3715d8b2e4f6″ data-testid=”issue-underline:want features”>want the features enabling you to benefit from it by millions of sales calls that happen every day. Zoom IQ for Sales is a powerful sales management tool with a number of exciting features including:

  • Speech analysis: During a sales call, you can get data-driven feedback on the pace and delivery of your comments, as well as a measurement of your customers’ engagement

  • Automatically generated summaries: Take your call review to the next level with summaries generated by artificial intelligence, summarized in just a few sentences important Points

  • Next Steps: To move the deal forward and ensure the customer is engaged, capture the next steps that will be discussed in the conversation

Discover the potential of conversation intelligence

There’s no doubt that getting your team started can be intimidating Conversation Intelligence. Our Conversation Intelligence webinar will help you get started. It includes tips for using Zoom IQ for Sales, including tips for implementing new insights, best practices, and more. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how to make conversational intelligence a must-have for sales, marketing, and teams of all sizes.

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