The new way to upgrade your virtual single session events

Hybrid events are undoubtedly the future of events, but they also have their place in the modern events landscape. However, there is a difference in the skills required for different events. In our opinion, event management systems that offer one-size-fits-all solutions will likely result in you sacrificing features you don’t want, or worse, You have to pay for features you don’t need. With that in mind, we’re thrilled to introduce Zoom Sessions, our newest event management tool. Zoom Sessions, our latest event management solution, is purpose-built for single-session events greater Flexibility and features you’ve never seen before to help you run your events successfully.

A suite of products from Zoom Sessions was built for marketers to help them enhance their Zoom webinars and meetings with robust production, branding and analytics tools. It’s designed to get the most out of Zoom webinars and Zoom meetings, helping to keep an engaged audience, foster meaningful connections, increase brand awareness and improve ROI.

What can you do with Zoom Sesessions?

While hybrid events are growing in popularity, we know they can be difficult to find preferably Event management software that will be able to meet the needs of event professionals, especially given the increasing demand for hybrid events. To give marketing teams more options for hosting one-on-one events, Zoom Sessions offers the following options: You can choose to host your event using Zoom Meetings or Zoom Webinars to handle the following parts of the meeting:

  • In addition to robust analytics, we also offer ticketing capabilities to help you track the success of your events and measure their results to ensure they’re a success.

  • Marketing automation tools and integrations can help you grow your pipeline and generate more leads

  • Use interactive features to engage attendees and encourage meaningful interaction and collaboration

  • Leverage advanced production tools and customizable branding to build brand awareness and acceptance

Key features transform your virtual meetings and webinars

Whether you’re hosting a product demonstration, fireside chat, networking event, roundtable, or virtual meeting or webinar, this product is an excellent way to add a touch of class to your next virtual meeting or webinar as it expands Production, engagement and collaboration options that make it the ideal choice for The next virtual meeting. Using Zoom sessions is a great way to make your virtual meeting or webinar memorable.

Production tools:

  • On the backstage

  • A simulation

  • Practice your skills

  • information resources

Audience Retention:

Work in groups:

  • In addition to the host, there can be up to three co-editors

  • Out of One license lets you handle all hosting tasks

Event Branding:


Admin Workflows:

  • Manage your single session events with the Zoom Events portal by accessing the Zoom Events portal

  • You can organize your events in Event Hubs and listen to past recordings of those events

  • We accept PayPal and Stripe as payment methods for paid tickets

Set up:

Pay for what you need, not what you don’t

There is a new product in the Zoom Events portfolio called Zoom Sessions. Our company can offer you the services you need if you intend to host a multi-day conference, a one-to-many campaign or a single-session demand generation event. With our flexible event management, you can choose from a variety of features and pricing plans software, warranty that you get the right solution for your virtual or hybrid event needs.

Zoom webinars

Our video messaging software makes it easy to send, scale and set up videos. It makes videos in a way that is convenient for you to transfer that Are sure, and that Are Easy to use. We offer annual pricing plans that include the ability to purchase a single host as part the total cost of package, as well the option to purchase it separately.

Zoom Sessions

As a result of these features, you can achieve greater ROI from your one-day meetings and webinars when you enable attendees to connect and collect content and data in one central location. With these functions you can select the preferably Content to present during your webinars and meetings during one-session sessions. There are two different cost-effective price packages available to you. With the annual pricing model, you are capable have up to 100 hub owners and 1000 hubs at the same time. Also, you can have 1-3 co-editors at the same time.

Zoom Events

You can host them from our all-in-one event management platform preferably hybrid and virtual events in the industry. Zoom Events offers a variety of multi-session and multi-day event production tools to make your event production more effective. The platform offers a robust feature set, brandable sessions, and hybrid-specific tools and capabilities to bring your event to a new level of sponsorship and collaboration opportunities. Our event package prices include five hosts and three co-editors. Depending on your event schedule, you can choose to pay per attendee (up to 100 hub owners and 1000 hubs) or per host (up to 100 hosts and three co-editors)…

Make your next virtual experience one your customers won’t forget

Our goal is to bring joy, and our mission isn’t just about our logo or the way we define our culture. Our goal is to listen to our customers, understand their needs and evolve new Ways to meet those needs by listening to their needs. We are here to help you – whether you are an experienced user events professional or you are planning a hybrid event. Find out how you can make your next event an experience you won’t forget by learning about all of our virtual and hybrid event solutions.

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