The new Zoom Mail and Calendar give workers a “shift tax” relief

The new products Zoom Mail and Calendar bring together important work communication and tools in the Zoom app.

It is with Great glad we announce today at Zoomtopia the next step in the development of our platform, a beta version of two new Tools to increase productivity: Zoom Mail Client and Zoom Mail and Calendar Server.

With the addition of these products, the Zoom Meetings, Phone, Whiteboard, and Team Chat services offer users even more ways to communicate and collaborate with each other. Additionally, Zoom allows teams to seamlessly switch from emails to video conferences, convert chat messages to phone calls, collaborate on projects, and also share their whiteboards without ever leaving the app, without ever leaving the Zoom interface.

In the Zoom Mail and Calendar (Beta) clients, Zoom users – whether free or paid – can access their existing third-party email accounts directly from within the Zoom desktop app . The Harvard Business Review recently published an interesting study that found that employees spend nearly four hours each week reorienting themselves after switching apps because they switched platforms. To reduce this “switching tax,” Zoom allows users to access their email while simultaneously using others modalities so they can focus on their work instead of switching between them. Employees can now start and join meetings from the Zoom sidebar directly from their existing calendar using Zoom calendar, the can be easily accessed from the zoom window.

There was too a new Zoom Mail Service (Beta) as well a new Zoom Calendar Service (Beta) and the clients ZoomMail and ZoomCalendar. Zoom One Pro and Zoom Standard Pro customers in the US and Canada also have the option to set up a Zoom hosted email account for free new Zoom Mail Service as part of their Zoom One Pro or Zoom Standard Pro plans. If you opt for a Zoom One Business plan or higher, you can even create your own domain if You have a Zoom One Business plan or higher.

A solution for small and medium-sized businesses with limited IT resources, Zoom Mail Service is purpose-built for them companies that need more privacy when it comes to their business communications. Examples of such companies are law firms, engineering firms, and any other company that needs to share private information between members of their team. End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) (E2EE) is offered by Zoom Mail Service for emails sent directly between active users of the Zoom Mail Service and for outgoing emails with restricted access links for external recipients who sent directly between active Zoom Mail users of the service.

Zoom mail and calendar features

As part of the Zoom Mail and Calendar beta rollout, the following features will be available:

Zoom Mail Client: The Zoom app lets you use popular email services to send messages, and the app brings all communication to Zoom via meetings, phone, whiteboard, and team chat too.

  • With Zoom as a communication tool, you can connect your existing email service to Zoom

  • If you want to continue collaborating on an email message, you can copy it to the team chat or channel

  • Launched at launch time on desktop devices

Zoom calendar client: The Zoom calendar client is an integrated calendar experience built into the Zoom app that allows users to schedule meetings, phone calls, and team chats directly from popular calendar services.

  • You can connect the Zoom app to your existing calendar service provided by a third party

  • You can quickly see who’s joined meetings by name in the Zoom calendar sidebar

  • You can schedule a Zoom meeting or Zoom phone call from your calendar

Today, through the Zoom Mail Client and Zoom Calendar Client, Zoom users can access their existing third-party email accounts in the Zoom program through their existing third-party email accounts.

Zoom Mail Service: An email service hosted by Zoom that ensures your privacy is protected.

  • The Zoom app integrates seamlessly with the Zoom platform

  • In addition, users of the Zoom Mail service automatically receive end-to-end encrypted emails for messages sent directly between them

  • Zoom Pro and Zoom United offer 15GB of email storage, while Zoom One Business and above offer 100GB of storage.

Zoom calendar service: With Zoom, teams can create and track meetings, schedule them and track them via a hosted calendar.

  • The Zoom app integrates seamlessly with the Zoom platform

  • Invitees can use the appointment booking feature to choose between available times for their appointments

  • Provides an easy way to schedule meetings, access recordings, and share notes and attachments from a calendar

Those with a Zoom One Business license or higher will soon be able to use the Zoom Mail service and Zoom calendar service and be able to host their own domain with Zoom.

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