Turn off the Apple TV – is that possible?

With the Apple TV remote, you can’t turn off the set-top box directly, only put it to sleep. Read here what this is all about, how you activate the sleep mode and how you can switch off the Apple TV completely.

Hibernation – what does that mean on the Apple TV?

Similar to a television, an Apple TV can only be put into sleep mode by default. This is also activated if the device has not been used for some time. In sleep mode, it then consumes less power, but is not completely switched off. This allows you to wake it up faster with the remote control without having to boot it up again first. You can also access the Apple TV via AirPlay at any time and stream videos or music to the television. When the Apple TV is asleep, it also installs software updates for its operating system or updates for downloaded apps.

Of course, the Apple TV continues to consume electricity when it is idle. To prevent that, you need to turn it off completely. How to enable hibernation and how to turn off the device completely is explained below.

How to put Apple TV to sleep

The Apple TV goes to sleep automatically after a certain amount of time. However, if you want to activate it manually, this is easily done with the remote control:

Here’s how to turn off your Apple TV completely

You can’t turn off an Apple TV completely with the remote control. This is because Apple would like to provide functions like AirPlay easily and at any time without having to turn on the device every time. However, if you want to save power and switch off the device completely, there is a simple solution: Disconnect the power cord from the Apple TV. In most situations this is possible without any problems – only if an update is installed should you not resort to it in order to avoid problems with the installation.


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