Update your Zoom Rooms to version 5.0.5

To ensure the best performance of your Zoom Rooms and controllers, please ensure they are running version 5.0.5 or later by August 16, 2020. A new version of Zoom Rooms and Zoom Rooms Controller, 5.0.5, will be released on July 5 as part of the Zoom Rooms update. Minimum version of encryption software must be installed to use the room on this date, as enhanced encryption between rooms and controllers (256-bit AES GCM) is required on this date. For more information on Advanced Encryption, see the link below.

Unless the Zoom Room Controller or Zoom Rooms is running version 5.0.5 or later, the Zoom Rooms Controller will no longer be connected to the Zoom Rooms computer if they are not running a version of the Zoom Rooms Controller or Zoom Rooms Computer is running The Zoom Rooms have stopped working. It is recommended that Zoom Clients be installed on version 5.1.1 or higher if you want the best direct sharing experience.

To ensure the security of all meetings in transit, on May 30th we enabled 256-bit AES-GCM encryption. An error message is displayed when a Zoom Room has not been updated to 5.0.0 or configured to join a Zoom meeting, attempts to join one that is not running the latest Zoom version. The Zoom Rooms need to be updated by the administrators.

This page contains general information about Zoom 5.0 GCM encryption and how to update your Zoom client for GCM encryption.

In this article we will discuss the following topics:

  • How to update Zoom Rooms via the Zoom web portal
  • How to update the Zoom Rooms Controller
  • Troubleshooting
  • frequently asked Questions

How to update Zoom Rooms via the Zoom web portal

If IT admins want to meet the minimum version requirements, they can upgrade Zoom Rooms to 5.0.5+ through the Zoom web portal by visiting the Zoom website.


  • It is automatically updated by Neat when a new version of the Neat Bar Zoom Rooms Appliance is released. Mid-July will be the date when an automatic upgrade to version 5.0.5 will be triggered.
  • Upgrading Poly X30, X50, G7500 and DTEN Zoom Rooms appliances together is not supported (upgrading by location and by account is not supported) and each appliance must be upgraded individually.
  • In mid-July, Poly X30, X50, and G7500 will release firmware upgrades to Zoom Rooms version 5.0.5 for Poly X30, X50, and G7500.

How to update the Zoom Rooms Controller

On August 16, 2020 at 7:00pm PST, Enhanced Encryption will be enabled for the Zoom Rooms Controller and Zoom Rooms. It is no longer possible to use Zoom Rooms Controllers (including Zoom Rooms Scheduling Displays) that are not running the minimum version updates. If you want to ensure your Zoom Rooms are working properly by August 16, 2020, you will need to update your Zoom Rooms Controller software to at least version 5.0.5. To enable remote software updates for Zoom Rooms controllers in the future, we recommend registering them in Zoom Device Management.

Updating embedded Android Zoom Rooms controllers

  • A Poly Trio controller upgrade for Zoom Rooms has been completed.
  • In mid-July, Crestron will apply firmware update 5.0.5 to all Crestron Mercury devices and Crestron TSS/TSW devices. Crestron’s automatic update mechanism is used to make the update available on all devices
  • An update for the Zoom Rooms Controller for Yealink CP960 is currently in progress. Yealink has announced that a firmware release with Zoom Rooms version 5.0.5 will be available at the end of July.


  • You must restart Zoom Rooms for it to work properly
  • The Zoom Rooms app should be uninstalled and then reinstalled.
  • Please see the error code and message information below if you receive an error code or message.

Known issue: Poly Trio disconnects from Zoom Rooms

In some cases, Zoom Rooms Controller 5.0.0 running on Poly Trio is known to have an issue where the controller won’t connect to Zoom Rooms in some cases due to an issue. This issue has been resolved in the latest version of Android Zoom Rooms Controller 5.0.5. A firmware version with the fix will be released by Poly at the end of July. Only one Poly Trio model is affected by this issue.

The following steps should be followed if this issue occurs before the Poly firmware is available:

  1. To access Zoom’s web portal, you must log in.
  2. You can find Room Management in the navigation menu and Zoom Rooms in the Zoom Rooms menu.
  3. If you are in the zoom room, click on the display name or place name next to the zoom room.
  4. The following meeting settings can be disabled by clicking the Meeting tab on the toolbar:
    • The controller should show an alert when there are upcoming meetings, but if you’re not in a meeting, uncheck the box.
    • Pre-scheduled meetings start automatically when they are scheduled

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frequently asked Questions

There was a loss of connection between the Zoom Rooms Controller and the Zoom Rooms. Can you please tell me what I have to do?

Since Zoom Rooms and Controllers must be at least version 5.0.5 starting August 16th, if a Zoom Room or Controller does not meet the requirements, the administrator of that Zoom Room or Controller must update the Zoom Room or Controller as soon as possible.

When upgrading Zoom Rooms and Zoom Rooms Controller, do I need to upgrade both at the same time?

If you want your Zoom Rooms and Zoom Rooms Controllers to continue working after August 16th, you will need to update them to version 5.0.5 or later. There is no particular order in which they should be updated, but we encourage you to update both as soon as possible.

To use the pairing code, you must update the Zoom Rooms Controller to version 5.0 or later before August 16th when deploying a new Zoom Room or logging into Zoom Rooms running version 5.x. The Zoom Rooms and Zoom Rooms Controller can be activated individually by logging into each of them or entering the activation code separately. All Zoom Rooms and Zoom Room Controllers are required to be updated to version 5.0.5 before August 16th in order to connect to Zoom Rooms.

Does this affect screen sharing in Zoom Rooms?

Zoom clients must be updated to version 5.1.1 or later to enjoy the best direct sharing experience starting August 16th.

It’s still possible to share Zoom Rooms with Zoom Clients that aren’t running version 5.1.1 or later, however the experience will be different for those who don’t have those versions. As long as passcodes have been enabled, you must enter the passcode before you can start sharing; If Waiting Rooms have been enabled, you will need to enter the Waiting Room passcode before you can start sharing.

I’m trying to join a Zoom Rooms meeting and I’m getting a message that says “We’ve encountered a problem.” There’s an error code of 1137.

There is a problem with this Zoom Room because it is running on a version below 4.5.0. If you want to join your meetings, you need to update your Zoom Room to version 5.0 or later.

Are there specific operating system requirements for Zoom Rooms 5.0 that need to be met?

The prerequisite for using Zoom Rooms for macOS is that you have macOS version 10.10 or higher.

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