Using other web conferencing with Zoom Rooms solutions

As you may know, this method uses the Zoom Room audio input and output devices to connect to the meeting audio while using screen sharing to see the meeting content on the Zoom Room display while You are connected to the meeting audio. Depending on the settings you enable, you can also join third-party conferences directly.

Requirements for using other web conferencing solutions with Zoom Rooms

  • Many web conferencing tools are available today that include audio or telephone dial-in functionality

How to use other web conferencing solutions with Zoom Rooms

  1. To start your web conferencing meeting on your laptop, you don’t need to dial into the audio bridge or use computer audio or VoIP.
  2. You can access the Zoom Rooms by sharing your laptop screen with them.
  3. The screen sharing feature that comes with the web conferencing tool has now been successfully projected onto the Zoom room’s TV display. The Zoom Room TV is equipped with a projector that displays shareable content from your computer directly on the web conferencing tool screen or from a remote participant on the Zoom Room TV
  4. Zoom Rooms’ dial-out feature allows you to dial into your web conferencing tool’s audio bridge to join web conferences. This is accomplished by connecting your conference room audio input and output devices to the Zoom room’s input and output devices.


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