What connection do you need to play Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Streaming game platforms are here to stay. Google with Stadia, NVIDIA with Geforce NOW or Microsoft with Xbox GamePass They have become the great exponents of the sector.

And it is that, the possibility of being able to enjoy triple A titles on any device is a value to take into account. Are you thinking of subscribing to the Microsoft service? We tell you how play online via Game Pass: connection requirements and compatible devices.

You must have the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Compatible Devices

To begin with, it should be noted that if you want to play in streaming, you must have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, which is priced at 12.99 euros and includes PC and console games, Xbox Live Gold subscription and cloud gaming. In addition, they allow you to try the service for 1 euro for a month, in case you are interested. The rest of the subscriptions will not allow you to enjoy xCloud, so they do not interest you.

Once you have created your account, the process is extremely easy, you will already have access to more than 100 games to download. Do you want to play by streaming? If you use a mobile phone, be aware that some games accept touch controls, but we we recommend using an Xbox controller or any other model if you want to enjoy the best experience. Also, if you want to play from other devices you are forced to have a game controller, so it is worth making the investment to squeeze xCloud and its catalog of games.

connection requirements

Now that you have your controller, you know that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can be enjoyed on Android mobile phones and iOS or iPadOS devices, computers, compatible televisions… You won’t be short of options to make the most of the possibilities offered by this service. In this way, you will be able to access this gaming platform through all kinds of devices so that you can enjoy its catalog of games wherever you want.

And what about the Internet connection? well what you will need a minimum of 20Mbps if you want to play in Full HD quality. Also, this platform is optimized to use 5GHz Wi-Fi networks, so try to always connect to these types of networks. Keep in mind that Microsoft’s idea is to release an update that allows us to enjoy its cloud gaming service with UHD quality, so although these are currently the minimum requirements to access its service, they may vary in the near future. , especially when they implement 4K resolution to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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