What happens if an employee has already purchased a paid Zoom license individually

An employee who has already purchased a paid Zoom license individually and wants a refund because of your company has also paid for a Zoom license.

It is now possible to individually consolidate users with paid licenses into paid accounts to be rolled out in the company. ( * )

The remaining lifetime of the user who has already purchased the individual will be refunded.

The refund will be returned to the account individually registered by each user.

The users to be aggregated are limited to the same domain as the paid account introduced in the company.

frequently asked Questions

The number of licensed users you can have in your Zoom account is 5 if you have five Zoom licenses. You can add up to 9999 additional (free) basic users to your Zoom account on top of your licensed users.

Once a new license is purchased from the Zoom sales team or through the Billing page, a user must be assigned to it. Only one user can use a license at a time. In the event that multiple licenses of the same type are assigned to the same user, the licenses of the same type will not be compounded or stacked.
You must click Users after clicking User Management. Then click Add User. You will then be prompted to enter the user’s details and click Add. We will send an email inviting the user(s) to join your account by replying to the email.
Licensed users can host unlimited meetings as part of their paid account. Meetings can be held with up to 100 participants by default, and large meetings are available for larger groups.

Adding licensed Zoom users to your Zoom account

  1. Click Add User.
  2. You’ll need the email addresses of the other Zoom accounts you want to add as users.
  3. Billing tells you how many new users you can assign Waiting room , the screen changes to the following screen. Please wait until host licenses to.
  4. Add or edit hosts to assign licenses to.
  5. Enter the number of hosts required.
The basic user level of a Zoom account is a free account that allows the user to host up to 40-minute conferences with more than two participants (Zoom Cloud). Licensed users are members of the Zoom Cloud service who have purchased a paid account and can host unlimited meetings.

Verify that you have a Zoom Pro account

  1. from the myTC portal by logging into your Zoom account.
  2. You can find TC Zoom under General Technology Resources under the Student, Faculty, or Staff Resources menu.
  3. From your Zoom account, click Profile.
  4. Zoom Pro accounts are licensed under user type.
There are three pricing tiers for Zoom United: the Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans. There are mainly differences between them when it comes to the number of participants for the meeting, with Pro allowing 100 participants, Business allowing 300 participants and Enterprise allowing a maximum of 500 participants for the meeting.

The company has announced that it will now have a 40-minute time limit from May 2022. With the possibility of three to 100 participants, the same restriction always applied. In the event that we reach this mark, all participants will be kicked out of the call.

First you need to log in to Zoom’s website. You will be taken to the Account Management section of the Navigation Pane. On the right side of the subscription you want to change, click Edit plan. Select Monthly from the drop-down list.

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