Why does your Internet connection fail when it rains?

Why does your Internet connection fail when it rains?

Today, it is almost impossible for us to spend a single day without the Internet, either with the WiFi at home or with mobile data. And it is that it not only helps us to keep in constant contact with other people, but there are also certain household tasks for which we resort to it, such as a cooking recipe, for example. It is for this reason that we cannot bear to be without Internet at home, but this is something that we cannot fully control. More than anything because despite the many advances that we enjoy in the technological world, there are situations that we cannot face and that overcome us, such as the rains that leave us without Internet at home.

Climatic events are out of our hands, and you may have seen yourself in the situation of experiencing interruptions in your Internet due to heavy rain. This is mainly due to greatest enemy of technology, humidity.

Although the problem is not that simple, because, on the one hand, there are connectivity problems depending on the type of service. In the case of wireless Internet, radio waves encounter the problem of humidity in the air, which decreases the range of the signal and the available bandwidth.

Humidity: the reason why the Internet goes down when it rains

Even though today, Both the antennas and the transmission systems have been designed to withstand these problems., they can do little against a major storm. And this rain never comes alone, but is usually accompanied by strong gusts of wind, which cause false contacts in the wiring due to movement, in addition to the loss of alignment of the antennas, so the most likely result is a reduction in the speed of the Internet, cuts, or the total loss of the signal.

But Moisture can cause further problems, such as corrosion, and if the boxes are damaged, heavy rain can cause internet speed and intermittent issues. The Internet provider is not to blame, but the electrical distributor.

Wi-Fi problems in Windows 11

The last of the reasons is in our own actions in the face of rainy days and strong storms. And it is that heor usual is to stay at home if possible and hang out using the internetWhether watching movies or playing video games. As there are more people at home using the Internet connection at the same time when it is more susceptible to external agents, it is normal for the speed to be lower or for a total cut to occur.

In this way, beyond trying to avoid having too many devices connected, if you notice that your Internet connection is failing and it is raining, you will know the reasons why this happens, although we are very afraid that we do not have any tools at our disposal to improve the situation during the storm. It’s time to be patient!


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