Why is there no sound on my phone in Zoom?

There are 4 main reasons why you can’t hear Zoom on mobile. View point by point and with screenshots on the page for organizers and participants.

Causes of no sound in zoom on phone

You must go to the mobile settings and allow the application to use the microphone and camera if these settings were previously disallowed during installation.

Reasons :

  • Broken settings;
  • The organizer intentionally disabled this option;
  • The microphone is switched off;
  • The Zoom app is not allowed to use the speaker.

How to unmute Zoom on your phone

One of the reasons why there is no sound in Zoom on Android is that you need to open the application, go to settings and next click on “Conference”:

  • At the top, click Auto-connect to audio conference;
  • Check the box next to Use Internet.

How to turn on the microphone

The reason it’s not audible in Zoom is because the speaker is off. The microphone can be switched on by simply clicking on the “microphone” icon in the lower left corner, often when entering the office it is crossed out, meaning you are not audible.

To connect audio and be heard, swipe right, turn on microphone circle will appear, start speaking.

To avoid distracting other meeting or class participants with unnecessary noise, press again after you have finished your speech.

On the teacher’s side

The third possibility, when the sound does not work in Zoom on the phone, is when the organizer himself has the right to turn it off for all participants. To turn off the microphone everyone needs:

  • In the online conference room, click on “Participants”;
  • Click Mute All.

To allow the conference participants to share this, click as indicated in the screenshot below:

On the student’s side

If there is no sound in Zoom on the phone, the fourth option requires you to click on the microphone. It says “Call with Device Tone” in the lower left corner. You need to click on this inscription. This feature appears when you join the conference, click on it so you can be heard and you can hear the speaker.

Make sure that only you are not heard, maybe the seminar organizer turned off the sound for all participants, in this case write your question in the chat.

It often helps to simply restart the device and reconnect to the conference. If you urgently need to attend an online session, try using a computer. There you can log into the application without registering, just by clicking on the link or entering an identifier with a password, as well as a name or nickname.

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