Zoom completes IRAP assessment – how this will help our Australian customers

Across the world, modern organizations are discovering that proper security in the age of virtual communications can mean different things to different organizations and what steps they need to take to protect the information they collect. In many cases, these efforts are governed by a country’s policies and regulations government, as Agencies are established Security standards to help organizations understand what constitutes effective protection and how to achieve it.

In Australia the situation is no different. The Infosec Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) was developed by the Australian Signals Directorate to enable companies to assess security effectiveness. A technology vendor’s security controls are evaluated under IRAP against a standardized set of security controls program and registered Assessors use these standardized controls as a basis to development the safety requirements of the Australian public sector.

In addition, Zoom is pleased to announce that we have been recognized as one of the technology providers under the IRAP program.

Committed to the right controls

We could show when we compared our security controls to the IRAP framework that our controls provide the necessary controls for customers who wish to achieve effective security as described in the following policies:

  • For guidance intended to assist organizations in developing internal security frameworks based on risk assessments, see the Information Security Handbook.

  • The Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) is a set of core requirements that apply to all Australian government agencies. It is a set of guidelines emphasizing the sharing of safety standards between all government agencies in Australia.

When our IRAP assessment is successful, not only are our security controls validated, but the results of the assessment can be used to help our customers make risk-aware decisions when using Zoom.

As a result of this achievement, we can add one more recognized internationally Certification or authorization for our portfolio.

Providing flexible services to the public

By providing the platform for video-based services, we enable public sector organizations and government agencies to build the modern, video-based services their citizens and employees want and are addicted to. If successfully implemented, this technology could usher in a new era of modernization where Citizens could access public services more easily and engage more with their governments.

Telemedicine is a Good example of this. The Department of Health recently updated access to telemedicine, the will allow Australians to communicate with healthcare providers remotely as part of recent initiatives aimed at increasing access to telemedicine. This is an example of what is possible with telemedicine today as people are used to interacting with healthcare providers remotely. The benefits of this are a combination of greater access to care for citizens and a reduction in costs for providers. Approximately $21 billion is forecast According to a survey by Juniper Research, by 2025 teleconsultation will save on healthcare costs.

The use of secure communication technologies can have an enormous impact in the education sector – especially in remote areas with limited Access to quality educational resources. It is referred to as Rural Access by the NSW Government gap and a A solution to this problem could help bring a new level of flexibility and efficiency online education as well Give people living in remote areas a greater chance to access education through online learning.

Built on trust

As far as IRAP rating is concerned, it benefits organizations that do business with governments and organizations that either directly or directly interact with those organizations indirectly, such as Banks and insurance companies. The benefits extend beyond the government sector to organizations that provide government services or products.

As Zoom’s security program evolves, we will increasingly see third-party reviews like IRAP important Part of Zoom’s mission to ensure Zoom is a secure platform built on trust, and as Zoom’s security program continues to grow, third-party assessments such as IRAP are becoming an increasingly important component of Zoom’s security program.

Find more information about our certifications, attestations and accreditations? We’ll cover you. You can find out more about our Trust Center by visiting our website.

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