Zoom Contact Center unveils new features and adds UK and Ireland availability

Introducing Zoom Contact Center

Today’s customers have high expectations for personalized experiences. To meet these needs, Zoom Contact Center offers an omnichannel contact center-as-a-service (CCaaS) platform, which is now available for businesses in the UK and Ireland and will soon be available in more European countries.

What is Zoom Contact Center?

Zoom Contact Center helps businesses deliver instant and personalized responses to their customers across multiple channels including voice, chat, SMS, and video. The platform is built on three pillars: rich integrated video capabilities, combined unified communications and contact center experience, and intelligent self-service and routing with a conversational AI-powered virtual agent.

Zoom Contact Center is optimized for video and built on the secure, open and reliable Zoom platform. It can increase productivity, streamline communication between colleagues, improve first contact resolution, increase NPS and CSAT scores, and engage agents through its easy-to-use, intuitive technology.

How to get Zoom Contact Center

Zoom Contact Center can be downloaded from the Google Play Store by searching “Zoom Contact Center” or “Zoom for Chrome Contact Center”. Install the app and sign up to use the platform. The PWA can also be installed directly via the navigation bar of your web browser and via the central administrator management.

Enhance the customer experience with video in the Zoom contact center

Zoom Contact Center offers businesses a unique and innovative solution to deliver personalized experiences to their customers through video interactions. The platform is optimized for video and has extensive built-in video capabilities, allowing agents to extend customer interactions from chat or voice to video and provide a more empathetic experience. The ability to easily switch between omnichannel options helps improve customer satisfaction, revenue, customer ratings and agent efficiency, a study of 1,846 global companies found. According to Jason Niranjan, Manager of Operations at KGA, the ability to seamlessly switch between chat, phone and video is a huge benefit for both customers and employees.

Zoom Contact Center – The solution for satisfied agents and customers

  • Unifying the communications and contact center experience
    • Multipurpose agent desktop to connect with colleagues and clients
    • Quick access to back office experts to resolve customer issues
    • Zoom Meetings, Zoom Phone and Zoom Team Chat integration
    • Familiar call handling on the intuitive Zoom platform
  • Increasing the customer experience
    • Integrated video capabilities to improve customer interactions
    • Improving customer satisfaction and agent efficiency
    • Increase in sales and better customer ratings
  • Reduce agent workload and increase self-service
    • Conversational AI and Chatbot Solution, Zoom Virtual Agent
    • Quickly resolve customer queries with immediate and accurate responses
    • Reduced call load and agent burnout
    • Smooth handover to the contact center agent when needed
    • Available early 2023.

Unified communications and contact centers for happy agents

  • A multi-purpose agent desktop that allows agents to connect with colleagues and customers through an application
  • Integrates UC and Omnichannel Contact Center for a seamless experience
  • Reduces workload for IT teams by deploying just one Zoom application
  • Familiar call handling experience for Zoom customers already using Zoom Meetings, Zoom Phone and/or Zoom Team Chat

Reduce call load and improve customer experience with AI and chatbots

  • A conversational AI and chatbot solution, Zoom Virtual Agent, helps customers help themselves find answers
  • Delivers instant, accurate solutions by crawling FAQs, knowledge bases, and other business applications
  • Seamless handoff to a contact center agent when needed, so customers don’t have to repeat themselves
  • Available early 2023

Innovative features to retain agents and build brand loyalty

  • Scalable features, innovative functions, intuitive dashboards and remote-friendly software
  • A unique video Waiting room Experience that can be customized and

The benefits of cloud contact centers

  • Cloud-based innovation and digital transformation
    • Cloud contact centers support digital transformation and innovation with easy upgrades and management, scalability, and the ability to support remote agents.
    • With 73% of contact center agents and supervisors working from home indefinitely, cloud contact centers fuel business growth and provide a competitive advantage for customer interactions.
    • Zoom’s cloud-based contact center is built to scale to support hybrid workforces and businesses of all sizes.

Improve your customer service with Zoom Contact Center

  • The value of exceptional customer service
    • It’s hard to quantify the value of good customer service, but it shows in customer satisfaction and improved brand reputation.
    • Only 33% of consumers feel their typical customer experience has improved over the past year.
  • Improve your call center
    • Zoom Contact Center can help improve your brand reputation, enhance customer relationships, and reduce operational costs.
    • Visit the Zoom Partner Portal for more information on the Zoom Contact Center sales channel and partner resources.

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