Zoom for Government obtains StateRAMP authorization and adheres to CJIS standards

We are very pleased to announce that Zoom for Government has now received StateRAMP Moderate approval that means that our company is now listed on the StateRAMP Authorized Vendor List. Achieving this goal is only enhanced by the fact that our system conforms to Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) standards set by the FBI.

Details on StateRAMP

To earn a StateRAMP qualification, service providers must meet cybersecurity standards set by state and local governments in order to offer them solutions. Just as FedRAMP builds on the requirements of NIST Special Publication 800-53 Rev. 4, this program follows the requirements outlined in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication 800-53 Rev. 5. In this case, state and local governments have ongoing visibility into the security posture of their vendors through a combination of third-party assessment and continuous monitoring.

It was recently announced that Zoom for Government will be granted StateRAMP Moderate permissions that This includes Zoom Meetings, Zoom Chat, Zoom Phone, Zoom Rooms, Zoom Rooms Connector, and Zoom API, among other products.

Support public safety with CJIS

A primary goal of CJIS is to protect private and sensitive information obtained by law enforcement agencies across the country collect, as well Federal, state and local government information. CJIS has implemented a set of standards to ensure that confidential information collected and processed by the Department of Justice is kept confidential. As a result of Zoom’s CJIS compliance, we can confirm that all of our processes and systems are compliant with their set of politics, the relate to wireless networks, data encryption, remote access, etc.

Consistent with Zoom for Government’s commitment to these standards, our company remains committed to helping first responders and public safety officials ensure and support their safety missions as well Ensure first responders and public safety officers are protected. In addition, CJIS serves as the main source of information and services for all working authorities in law Law Enforcement, National Security and Intelligence.

Seamless and secure

In addition to our commitment to these standards, we want to offer our public sector users a seamless, secure, and seamless experience. It is clear that these standards will continue to serve as an integral part of our work about to build a platform that is both trusted and scalable as we evolve Zoom for Government.

Because Zoom for Government is a very simple and secure platform, the user experience is similar to what commercial Zoom users know and appreciate. The only difference is that Zoom for Government is specifically designed to meet the unique needs the United federal authorities of the states. Such a platform, which comes in two distinct versions, is scalable and scalable flexible, so that today’s governments can use it to achieve their goals while protecting the data shared through the platform.

It has been confirmed that Zoom has been approved and provisionally granted for government use at a moderate FedRAMP level Permissions (PA) from the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) to use Zoom Meetings at DoD Impact Level 4 (IL4) and an Operating License (ATO) for the Department of the Air Force to use Zoom Meetings at DoD IL4. HIPAA compliance is also made easier with Zoom for government.

Zoom for Government is available here for more information. Contact us at stateramp@zoom.us if you would like to learn more about our StateRAMP authorization.

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