Zoom Phone Appliance User Guide

As the name suggests, Zoom Phone Appliance combines the functionality of Zoom Phone and Zoom Rooms in an easy-to-use interface. On the left side of the window is a familiar Zoom menu with Home, Keypad, History, Voicemail, Contacts, and More navigation menus. You can always see the Zoom Phone Lines window when navigating through the menu options as you move from one option to another.


  • Zoom Phone appliances are supported
  • License for Zoom Phone

How to use the Home Menu

From the Zoom Meetings menu on the Home screen, you can initiate a Zoom meeting, join a Zoom meeting, or view upcoming Zoom meetings.

  • The user can use the start menu to view all upcoming Zoom meetings listed on their calendar and enable one-click join by simply clicking the Join button.
  • Start a dynamic Zoom meeting by tapping the Meet button. Start a face-to-face meeting by tapping the down arrow.
  • To join a meeting manually, click the + Join button and enter the meeting ID or personal meeting name.

How to use the Zoom Phone Lines and Keypad menu

The Lines & Keypad menu lets you dial, search for, and dial Zoom Phone numbers and contacts.

  • It is also possible to configure different versions of Zoom Phone lines, call queues and shared line groups for each user. These functions can be seen in the right line window. When you tap your primary line, you have the option to set your presence status to Available, Away, or Do Not Disturb
  • You can search for a number or contact name by tapping the number pad in the top left or by tapping the keyboard icon located in the keyboard menu.
  • Outgoing calls can be hidden or selected by tapping the caller ID.

How to use the history menu

You can see all missed, incoming and outgoing calls in the history menu along with contact information, date and time of each call.

  • To filter for missed, incoming, and outgoing calls, tap All history.
  • It is possible to tap on a call history entry to see the contact card, the date and time of the call, the duration of the call, current presence and the Meet and Call option.

How to use the voicemail menu

The voicemail menu allows you to look up your voicemail history, play your voicemails, and make calls. There is currently no option to transcribe your voicemail transcriptions.

  • You can play the message and make a call via the voicemail entry.

How to use the Contacts menu.

The Zoom Phone appliance syncs contacts across devices and clients. Contact cards for Zoom Rooms and people can be viewed from the Contacts menu.

  • Enter a contact’s name or number to find them.
  • The Meet and Call buttons are on the contact’s card when you select the contact.

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How to use the Zoom Phone Appliance for meetings

The Zoom Phone appliance lets you bring the Zoom Room meeting experience to your phone. On the Zoom Phone appliance, you have the ability to start or join a meeting, control in-meeting participants and hosts, change layouts, use the whiteboard, and control in-meeting security controls.

  • You can start/join a Zoom meeting by tapping Meet or Join in the Zoom menu. When calendar integration is enabled, pre-scheduled Zoom meetings appear at the time of the meeting and provide a button to start the meeting once the meeting is scheduled.
  • Once you’re in a meeting:
    • You can also access all of the familiar in-meeting controls, such as B. Mute/unmute, start/stop video.
    • Any web browser or Zoom app can be used to share a screen. There is a possibility that more than one participant can participate at the same time if this is necessary. You also have the option to select advanced sharing options, which give you access to additional sharing options and optimize your video sharing for full-screen viewing.
    • There are three layout options: speaker, thumbnail, and gallery.
    • Bring your meeting participants together with a live whiteboard.
    • The More menu contains security controls.
    • In the More menu you can manage participants. Additional attendee controls include renaming, inviting, muting, unmuting, banning, muting attendees upon entry, and more.
    • The More menu lets you control volume, chat, recording, and settings.

How to use the Zoom Phone appliance for phone calls

As a multi-line phone, Zoom Phone offers all the features of Zoom Phone and more. During a call, you can perform activities such as mute, hold, conference, transfer, and record. Zoom meetings can also be easily added to the call.

  • Contacts or the keypad can be used to quickly find and call contacts.
  • When you make a call:
    • With the DTMF keypad you can hold, transfer and add calls. Options found under More include mute/unmute, audio settings, recording, and meeting (switch to a meeting).
    • You can transfer to Voicemail, Blind Transfer or Warm Transfer by tapping Transfer.
    • Tap More, then tap Audio to switch between handset, headset, or speakers.
    • Zoom phone calls can be converted to Zoom meetings by tapping “More” and then “Meeting”.

How to change Zoom Phone Appliance settings

Web Portal Settings

Many Zoom for Home features and settings can also be used with Zoom Phone Appliances.

  1. Access your profile page by logging into https://zoom.us.
  2. From the Settings menu, choose Collaboration Devices. You can edit the Zoom Phone Appliance device by clicking the Edit button.
  3. From the tabs that appear, you can customize:
    • room name
    • Location
    • background image
    • device management
    • meeting reminders
    • Hide self view
    • Show non-video participants
    • gallery view
    • Video in meeting
    • content views
    • notification settings
    • Digital signature

device settings

The Zoom Phone appliance itself can also be configured with specific settings.

  1. The Settings menu is available by selecting More, then Microphone, Speakers, Camera, and Phone.
  2. The General tab offers options such as software settings, screen lock settings (with password), additional system settings, send problem report, restart and sign out, and a number of other options.
  3. There is a system settings option on the desk phone that allows users to view proprietary settings specific to the desk phone manufacturer, including display settings, accessibility, power saving, Bluetooth and WiFi settings.
  4. It is possible to adjust the default microphone, speaker or camera level settings by tapping one of these buttons.
  5. If you tap the phone icon, you’ll see a list of direct, company, and caller ID numbers and area codes for those numbers. If needed, you can enable the option to hide incoming calls during a meeting.

frequently asked Questions

Zoom’s web portal should be accessed by logging in, going to Phone System Admin, then Phones and Devices, then click Add.

How to set up your Zoom Phone system

  1. The Zoom web portal can be accessed by logging in.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Phone System Management.
  3. Click Setup.
  4. Click Start setup.
  5. The main company number can be selected if required.
  6. The information to determine your company’s emergency address must be completed and a contract signed.
  7. Click Done.

The Zoom Phone Appliance user interface allows users to join, start, control, join and leave Zoom meetings, search for contacts, make, transfer or conference phone calls, review and edit voice messages, and even start a Zoom meeting directly from a Zoom call. Users can start a Zoom meeting from a Zoom Phone call.

Zoom Phone calling features

  • You can use Zoom for meetings, phone, and team chat on Windows, Apple macOS, Apple iOS, and Google Android devices.
  • Desk phone support.
  • call forwarding. …
  • call forwarding. …
  • voicemail. …
  • call recording. …
  • Salesforce integration. …
  • call barring.

Virtual phone numbers are more flexible than traditional phone numbers; They do not require a specific landline or mobile number. Using VoIP technology, virtual numbers, also known as Direct Inward Dialing (DID), allow users to route their calls through a virtual number to any Internet-connected device.

You can conveniently send and receive text messages (SMS) via Zoom Phone SMS via the Zoom desktop client or mobile app, as well as set up call queues and automated receptionists with Zoom Phone SMS.

The Zoom desktop client can be downloaded from the Zoom Download Center for macOS, Windows, Linux, and Chrome PWA, as can the Zoom mobile app for iOS and Android, which can be downloaded for free from the Apple and Google Play stores.

How do I know my Zoom phone number?

You can access the Zoom portal by logging into your Zoom account through your web browser, clicking Phone System Management, and then clicking Phone Numbers.

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