Zoom Phone features comparison

Zoom Phone features are compared in the table below for desktop clients (Windows, macOS, Linux) and mobile apps (Android, iOS) available on different platforms. This feature can only be accessed if you have updated your client or application to the latest version.

A supported desk phone can also be viewed on this page to see what features it offers.

The following topics are covered in this article:

  • controls
  • contacts
  • voicemail
  • Call log and records
  • Ideas
  • Additional functions

Requirements for Using Zoom Phone Features

  • User type that is licensed
  • Depending on your needs, you can choose between the Pro, Business, Education or Enterprise plans
  • Zoom Desktop Client or Zoom Mobile App should be updated to the latest version available
  • Zoom Phone licenses are available for purchase

Comparison of Zoom Phone desktop client and mobile app features

For more information on each of these features, you can click on the embedded links.

Zoom Phone admins have the ability to enable, disable, or customize the feature to suit their needs.

Zoom’s web portal is the only place you can access this feature.

Only these features are available to Zoom Phone Basic users without a plan.

special feature Window
Linux Android
zoom phone


It is possible to make calls to internal or external numbers from within Zoom Phone.
Call 911 if you are in an emergency situation
answer calls
Choose Outgoing Caller ID
View detailed notifications of incoming calls
Close call notifications (keeps ringing on your other devices)
transfer calls
Divert calls to another Zoom Phone device (see Note A)
Start cloud recording
Adding another person to the call (three-way call)
Elevate the call to Zoom Meeting
Start or join a simultaneous Zoom meeting and switch between phone call and meeting
Merge phone call with simultaneous meeting
Monitor phone users (listen, whisper, barge, barge conference)
Monitor call queues or shared line groups
Park call
Send or receive audio intercom
Call control from the desktop client


Search your internal and external Zoom contact list to find people you may need to connect with.
Search shared directories of external contacts voicemail and videomail
Synced contacts can be added to Google or Outlook using the phone’s call history or voicemail
You can also retrieve your saved contacts
Synced contacts can be added to Google or Outlook using the phone’s call history or voicemail

voice mail and video mail

Your voicemail can be listened to, downloaded or deleted with our voicemail player.
Transcriptions of voicemails and videomails are available for viewing.
You can delete multiple selected voicemail messages at once
Delete all voicemail messages at once
You can call, copy, or block the number associated with the voicemail message you want to delete
You can play, download, or delete shared voicemail messages
You can sort voicemails by owner (owned by you or shared with admin)
Delete the video greeting or leave the video message

Call log and records

The call history can be played, downloaded or deleted ✔ (except playback of recordings)
It is possible to play, download or delete your own call recordings.
Shared call recordings can be played, downloaded or deleted at any time
Multiple selected call log and recording entries can be deleted at once with a single click
Delete all call log and recording entries at once
Call or copy the number of the associated call log or recording entry
Delete barred number of associated call history or log entry
Manage automatic call recordings in the


In addition to enabling or disabling call queues (subscribing or unsubscribing from call queues)
A number of other settings can be enabled or disabled (see note B)
You can show or hide the incoming call notification while you are in a meeting (see Note C ).
change ringtone

Additional functions

Call delegation
Groups of shared lines
A single click to choose
A group call collection service
For nomads who need emergency help
(see note D)

note (A): It is possible to use Call Flip on Linux if the device that initiates the call is the one that flips it. Basically, the Linux desktop client can be used to make and receive phone calls, but not to make and receive phone calls.

note (B): Depending on your platform, you can enable or disable calls from shared line groups by changing the setting on the Zoom web portal, even if your platform doesn’t support this feature.

note (C): When using the Zoom mobile app during a Zoom meeting, you will always be notified when Zoom Phone calls come in, regardless of whether you are in the Zoom meeting.

note (D): It is not possible to configure LLDP when enabling Nomadic Emergency Services on the Zoom Phone appliance to allow it to discover network information for wired Zoom Phone appliances.

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frequently asked Questions

Is the Zoom phone different from Zoom?

You can use Zoom Phone as a cloud-based VoIP phone solution when you need to call someone quickly. It is a Good option if you are in a hurry. This platform, on the other hand, doesn’t offer a video calling experience like the traditional Zoom platform.

What is the preferably Phone for Zoom meetings?

With its 2x telephoto lens, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is considered one of the preferably Phones on the market to take photos of a distance and it definitely stands out from all other smartphones on the market preferably Cameras on the market for taking photos remotely.

Does the S22 ultra have a 100x zoom?

I’ve said before that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra’s 100x Space Zoom is among the most impressive photographic and technological features I’ve seen on a mobile device. However, I noticed another feature that I wasn’t aware of until recently that makes the device even more impressive. The Samsung Note 9 Note-in-disguise Android 12 phone I’ve used over the past five months has been mostly uneventful for the most part, but it’s never quite lived up to my expectations in terms of reliability.

How far can the Samsung S22 zoom?

The Galaxy S22 and S22+ offer users the ability to zoom in up to 12x when using the zoom function. The Galaxy S22 Ultra offers users the ability to zoom in up to 20x for a closer look.

howe good is the zoom on S22 Ultra?

As a result of new It has a 50-megapixel primary camera along with a 12-megapixel ultra-wide lens and a 10-megapixel telephoto lens (with a 3x optical and 30x spatial zoom). The Galaxy S22 Ultra looks good on paper but is starting to lose the competition compared to the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s 100x zoom which is more impressive on paper.

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