Zoom Rooms display systems on/off

Our discussion in this article focuses on features that don’t work during operating hours. We recommend Room Controls to control display systems according to operating times. This allows us to control devices directly by dictating what commands the Zoom software sends to the devices based on their events.

This article covers:

  • room control
    • requirements
    • steps
    • display control
    • Projector and screen control
  • Black screen mode
  • CEC (Consumer Electronics Control)

room control

Devices can be controlled directly via a network with room controllers based on their operating hours. For your Zoom Room computer, we recommend adding a second network adapter with a static IP address. To connect Zoom Rooms to a network switch, you need a small USB network interface and network controlled devices.


  • Zoom Rooms for macOS requires version 5.1.0 (2745.0802) or later
  • It is recommended to use version 5.1.0 (1612.0803) or higher of Zoom Rooms for Windows
  • Version 5.1.2 (35624.0822) or later is required for Zoom Rooms for Appliances
    • Note: Appliances cannot be connected to AV subnets, but building LANs can be controlled

How to set up room controls

  1. The sample JSON text can be copied and pasted into the Room Controls profile of the Zoom portal on the Room Controls tab.
  2. You must set a static IP address on the Zoom Room’s USB network interface. For more information, see the Static IP Address Sample Table.
  3. Setting a static IP address is required to control devices.
  4. If you want to check your system’s start and stop time, you need to validate your run hour settings.

Recommended Equipment

  • Adapters for Ethernet
    • Window:
    • Adapter for USB 3.0 to Ethernet
    • MacOS:
    • Mini Dock (HDMI + Ethernet) or USB-C to Ethernet Adapter
  • Mini network switch
  • Displays, projectors and motorized screens controlled over IP

display control

In this example we show files for a single LG UH5EB display as well as for a dual LG UH5EB display. Examples of static IP tables match IP addresses.


JSON examples:

  • single display
  • Duplicate Ads

Projector and screen control

In this example, two projectors are controlled. The system lowers or raises the screen when the projector acknowledges an on/off command through the use of response filters. There will be buttons to control the projector and screen.


JSON example:

  • Single projector
  • dual projector

Black screen mode

Zoom Rooms experience a blackout of video output outside of operating hours. Nothing needs to be set up.

Note: Instead of using HDMI-CEC to put the TV in black screen mode, Zoom recommends that you use device uptime black screen mode instead.


  • Version 4.3.0 (446.0130) or higher is required for Zoom Rooms on Mac
  • Version 4.3.0 (390.0130) or later is required to use Zoom Rooms for PC
  • Zoom Rooms for ChromeOS requires version 3.6.2995.0127 or later to function
  • Zoom Rooms for Appliances requires version 4.6.1 (36316.0120) or later

CEC (Consumer Electronics Control)

You can no longer control CEC devices with Zoom Rooms. The contemporary solution is Native Room Controls.

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